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Mealworms oil extraction equipment Mealworms oil press machine

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Description: Mealworms oil extraction equipment Mealworms oil press machine...

Nutrition:It is rich in protein (57%), fat (25.5%), chitin, antimicrobial peptides and defensins, 18 kinds of amino acids, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium and other trace elements and amino acids essential for animal growth. Ideal high-protein feed and feed additives for pets, fish, birds, forest frogs, etc. The process is made with high-protein yellow mealworm larvae as raw materials through strict screening, impurity removal, and microwave drying. Regular feeding can promote the growth of pets . Mainly used as high-protein feed and feed additives for various pets, fish,birds, forest frogs, reptiles, etc.   D
Defatted mealworm protein powder
Nutrition:The protein content is as high as 70% and the fat content is very low. It is mainly added to animal feed as a source of high-quality protein. It is the most widely used in the aquatic industry, and the demand for precious aquatic products is the most widely, such as: abalone, sea cucumber, prawn, tuna, salmon, Australia For large lobsters, etc., the recommended amount is about 40%. About 3% defatted protein powder used in ordinary aquatic products is also more effective than 10% fish meal.
Application to terrestrial animals: the use of carnivorous is about 35%, and the use of miscellaneous grains is about 5%-8%.
Note: The above is only recommended by our experience, and the specific dosage should be calculated by the formulator based on our protein content.
Mealworm oil:
Nutrition:Used in aquatic products, pet feed additives, cosmetic oil Food grade and cosmetic grade can be used in the food industry and cosmetics industry respectively.
Feed grade can be mainly used as pet food oil and feed additive oil, which can completely replace fish oil, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and has strong antioxidant and sterilization capabilities, grow healthy. The oil used in cosmetics is easy to absorb and has obvious effects.

Mealworm oil Production process: Fresh Mealworm → Drying → crushing → heating → pressing → oil

Tenebrio molitor drying equipment
Tenebrio molitor drying equipment

Microwave drying equipment for Tenebrio molitor is mainly used for expansion and drying of Tenebrio molitor. The equipment is a microwave equipment designed according to the drying characteristics of Tenebrio molitor, with reasonable design and complete functions. The equipment has the advantages of good expansion effect, golden color, fast drying speed, simple equipment operation and high degree of automation. The sterilization effect is excellent, so it can fully meet the deep processing requirements of Tenebrio molitor.

Tenebrio molitor oil press

The Mealworms oil press equipment machine has advanced hydraulic and circuit systems, solid frame, and the pressure comes from the high and low pressure combined plunger pump station. When the pressing down mode is selected, the motor works to drive the hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic oil enters the cylinder block from the top of the cylinder. This pushes the piston down to press the material. After the oil or water of the material is discharged, the machine pressure will gradually increase with the continuous increase of hydraulic oil in the cylinder. It can reach tens to hundreds of tons of pressure. After the press is finished, adjust to the rising mode. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder block from the bottom of the cylinder and pushes the piston upward to return to its original position.


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