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Rice bran (about 7-8%) is the by-product of rice processing. Rice bran contains 14-22% vegetable oil. Rice bran oil contains 42% linoleic acid, 40% linolenic acid and other essential fatty acids for human body. Rice bran oil is a kind of edible oil with rich nutrition. For long-term consumption, rice bran oil also contains 2% oryzanol, 4% phytosterol and 15% vitamin E. Through the comprehensive development of rice bran oil, a variety of health foods and medicines such as high nutritional rice oil, vitamin E, oryzanol, fatty acid, bran wax, octacosanol, rice nutrients, rice bran polysaccharide, rice bran protein and so on can be obtained.
Crude rice bran oil contains free fatty acid, bran wax, phospholipid, protein and pigment. As edible oil, it needs to be further purified to remove these impurities. Rice bran oil is known as one of the most difficult to process oils in the world. It is not only difficult to leach because of the large powder degree and high starch content of rice bran raw materials, but also low yield of product oil because of its dark color and high acid value. Our company has developed a set of advanced technology and equipment suitable for the processing of rice bran oil through research, and applied rice bran preservation, extrusion leaching, extrusion leaching and other technologies Physical decolorization, physical deacidification and other processes can be processed to meet the national standard of the first grade rice oil.

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