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Chicken and duck fat oil boiling equipment chicken and duck fat oil refining equipment

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Description: Chicken and duck fat oil boiling equipment...

The commonly used methods of crude extraction of animal fat are direct heating and steaming. At present, cooking method is mainly used in large-scale industrial production. The main advantages of cooking method for extracting animal oil are low cost, simple operation and no chemical reagent added. The extracted oil has higher safety.
Working principle: under the condition of pressure, add water vapor and heat to release oil from adipose tissue cells.
Main features: the product has light color, soft flavor and low free fatty acid content.
Technological process: raw material → dressing → rough cutting → washing → grinding → cooking → centrifugal impurity removal → precipitation → crude oil
First of all, select suitable oil raw materials, and then trim to remove blood clots, muscles, broken bones, fascia, lymph and other non adipose tissues, so as to avoid producing burnt smell or animal glue during cooking and emulsifying the oil.
Cut the finished raw materials into small pieces, then wash them to remove the surface dirt and odor, and drain them. They can be operated at 10 ~ 15 ℃ to prevent the deterioration of raw materials, increase the hardness and facilitate the grinding. Mincing raw materials with mincing machine is convenient for fat to escape and smelting time to be shortened.
Put the raw materials into the pressure tank, add steam cooking, denaturate the protein, destroy the adipose tissue cells, and make the fat flow out. Then the impurities are separated by centrifugation, and the crude oil is obtained after precipitation.





Process flow: crude oil → hydration degumming → water washing → drying → dry degumming → decolorization → filtration → deoxidization → heat exchange → heating → physical deacidification → delayed decolorization → heating → deodorization → heat exchange → cooling → product oil

Animal oil refining equipment
In the process of crude extraction of animal fat, if properly treated, the obtained oil products can be used without further treatment. However, in production practice, due to a series of reasons such as blood stains left in tuzhai, the acid value of the obtained products is too high or there are impurities such as collagen. Therefore, these animal oils need to be further refined when they are consumed. There are degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and other steps in the refining of edible animal fat.
Process Description:
Degumming: the purpose of degumming is to remove colloidal impurities in crude oil, mainly some protein, phospholipid and mucinous substances. At present, the main method is hydration degumming.
Decolorization: the purpose of decolorization is to remove the pigment components in oil. Decolorization is achieved by adsorption decolorization method, which is completed by adding activated clay. A small amount of activated carbon can also be added. They can absorb pigment and some oil degradation products.
Deacidification: due to the high acid value of animal fat after boiling, it does not meet the health standard of animal fat, so deacidification treatment is needed. Physical deacidification by steam distillation is used in animal oil refining equipment.


Deodorization: deodorization is to remove the decomposition products of pollutants and raw protein mixed with the outside in the process of processing, and remove the aldehydes, ketones, low-grade acids, peroxides and other odor substances produced by the oxidation and rancidity of oil. The process is completed in the combined deacidification and deodorization tower together with the deacidification process.


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