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Cottonseed oil (English: cottonseed oil) is an edible oil extracted from the seeds of cotton plants. It is mainly derived from upland cotton and grass cotton. Its planting purpose is to obtain cotton fiber, make animal feed and extract oil

Cottonseed has a similar structure to other oilseeds (such as sunflower seeds), and the oily core (seed) is coated by a hard shell. Cottonseed oil is used in snacks such as salad oil, salad dressing, mayonnaise or potato chips because it has a stable taste and will not cover up the original taste. It is not easy to smoke when it is hot

The crude oil is dark red and contains high amounts of gossypol, free fatty acids and phospholipids. After processing, it will have a mild taste, usually showing a clear light golden yellow, and the chromaticity depends on the amount of oil refining. Cottonseed oil is a frying medium with a relatively high smoke point.
There are three ways to extract crude oil from cottonseed after cottonseed removal, shelling and separation: hydraulic pressure, spinning and solvent extraction (leaching). The solvent is mainly n-hexane.
Refining edible cottonseed oil requires degumming, deacidification, dewaxing, decolorization and deodorization to improve the level of gossypol removal. Unrefined cottonseed oil contains high amounts of gossypol.
By product of cottonseed oil production: cottonseed shell can be used to decompose hemicellulose and extract xylose, cottonseed residue cake and cottonseed meal for livestock feed or mushroom cultivation.

The production process of cotton seed oil is as follows
Cottonseed → linting → shelling → steaming → cottonseed oil (crude oil)
Refining process: Cottonseed crude oil (crude oil) → filtration → hydration (degumming) → alkali refining (deacidification) → decolorization → deodorization → product oil → fillingl
Product Description:
According to the different requirements of customers, such as crude oil varieties, daily processing capacity, oil standards, etc., the specifications, number of refining tanks and product prices are different.
Can undertake:
1-500t / D soybean, rapeseed, peanut and sunflower press refining production line
1-500t / D corn germ, Zanthoxylum, walnut oil, rice bran oil refining production line
1-500t / D tea seed, walnut, almond, cottonseed, sesame and other pressing and refining production line

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