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    Peanut oil is a kind of edible oil which is easy to digest because of its light yellow, transparent, clear color, fragrant smell and delicious taste. Peanut oil contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids (including 41.2% oleic acid and 37.6% linoleic acid). In addition, it contains 19.9% saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidic acid.
    From the above content, the fatty acid composition of peanut oil is relatively good, easy to digest and absorb by human body. According to foreign data, the use of peanut oil can decompose cholesterol into bile acids and excrete them out of the body, thus reducing the content of cholesterol in plasma. In addition, peanut oil also contains sterols, wheat germ phenol, phospholipids, vitamin E, choline and other substances beneficial to human body. Regular consumption of peanut oil can prevent skin wrinkle and aging, protect blood vessel wall, prevent thrombosis, and help prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Choline in peanut oil can also improve the memory of human brain and delay the decline of brain function.
    It is beneficial to keep the inherent flavor and aroma of peanut oil by pressing peanut kernel. The pressing method can be divided into ordinary peanut oil preparation process and Luzhou flavor peanut oil preparation process.
    More than 100 countries in the world produce peanuts, of which Asia and Africa are the largest flower producing areas. However, the largest peanut oil producers are India and China. The main peanut producing countries in Africa, such as Senegal and Nigeria, did not get a place in peanut oil production due to backward production technology and poor quality of peanut oil processing machinery. Fortunately, we have provided these countries with new opportunities to change this situation. In addition to providing a single small peanut oil extraction unit, we also provide turnkey services to establish various peanut oil extraction projects.
    The technological process is as follows:
    Peanut kernel → crushing → rolling embryo → steaming and frying → pressing → peanut cake → peanut crude oil → filtering → peanut pressed crude oil → further refining → peanut oil product
    Operation points: after crushing by double roller crusher, each peanut kernel becomes 6-8 pieces of kernel material, and the powder degree is less than 8% (20 mesh / square inch sieve inspection). The thickness of the embryo is about 0.5 mm. The raw embryo is treated by steaming and frying pan to become mature embryo. The water content is 1% - 2% and the temperature is about 130 ℃. If the cake can not be pressed and hard cake can not be formed, a small amount of peanut shell can be added into the mature embryo to promote cake formation.
    Refining technology of peanut oil
    In order to keep the natural flavor of peanut oil, the refining process should be reduced. The crude peanut oil extracted from peanut cake by solvent should be fully refined. As mentioned above, the processing of Luzhou flavor peanut oil only needs to settle the crude oil and cold filter.

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