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Using corn as raw material, about 8% - 12% of corn germ can be recovered in the process of producing corn grits, corn starch or corn starch sugar.

Corn germ oil can not only be refined into nutritious edible oils such as salad oil, cooking oil and margarine, but also be used as high-grade raw materials for pigment, paint and soap industry. The deoiled cake contains rich nutrients such as protein, which can be used to make nutritional supplements for a variety of foods. The fat content of corn germ is between 17% and 45%, accounting for more than 80% of the total fat content of corn. Corn oil, also known as corn oil and corn germ oil, is a kind of vegetable oil extracted from corn germ. It is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids with a content of 80% - 85%, of which oleic acid accounts for 30% - 48% and linoleic acid 34% - 56%. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid for human body and a component of human cells

Complete set of corn degerming equipment
At present, dry or semi dry method is widely used in domestic alcohol industry, while wet method is widely used in starch industry.
The technology of semi dry embryo extraction is as follows
Technological process: corn → cleaning → moistening → crushing → screening → air suction separation → gravity classification → embryo rolling → screening → germ
Process Description: firstly, the corn is transported to the vibrating cleaning screen to remove impurities, and then the metal impurities and stones are removed by magnetic separator and specific gravity stone remover. After cleaning, the impurity content in the embryo is less than 0.5%. The cleaned corn is treated with hot water or direct steam by water machine after cleaning, which makes the corn skin and germ absorb water and expand, and creates a gap between the corn skin and kernel, which is conducive to the separation of the skin, germ and endosperm. After moistening the corn with a crusher, the elasticity and toughness of the germ after moistening are very good, and it is not easy to break, while the endosperm is broken into 4-6 petals. Then the residue and corn husk were separated by a plane rotary screen, and the germ and endosperm were separated by a gravity separator. Then, the embryo is rolled by the embryo rolling machine, the embryo is flattened, the endosperm is crushed, and the flaky embryo is separated by the plane rotary sieve.
Main equipment: vibrating cleaning screen, magnetic separator, specific gravity stone remover, watering machine, crusher, plane rotary screen, gravity separator, embryo rolling machine, etc.
Complete equipment for corn germ pretreatment and pressing
The screw press is generally used in the press. In order to ensure a higher oil yield, the pressure of the press must be increased. For the small output press oil plant, there is generally no matching leaching workshop. The double screw press oil machine is used to control the residual oil of the press cake below 8%. For the large output press oil plant, the pressure of the press oil machine can be appropriately reduced, and the residual oil can be left in the leaching workshop for leaching. Due to the low water content in the pressed cake, for the pressed cake sold directly without leaching, the water content should be adjusted to about 12% for the sake of safety.
Technological process: corn germ → screening → air separation → softening → embryo rolling → steaming and frying → pressing → slag removal → filtering → crude oil
Process Description: after screening or air separation, the seed coat in the raw material is removed as far as possible to ensure the purity of the material, and then the magnetic metal debris is removed by magnetic separation to protect the follow-up machinery and equipment.
The cleaned germ enters the softening equipment to adjust the moisture and temperature of the germ to reduce its toughness, and then the germ is crushed by the embryo rolling machine to destroy the cell wall and facilitate oil production.
The corn germ after embryo rolling is put into the steaming pan for steaming and frying to make the protein denatured and solidified sufficiently, the oil drops agglutinate and the viscosity decreases. After heat treatment, the temperature and moisture of the material are adjusted to facilitate pressing. The temperature and moisture of steaming and frying should be controlled according to the purity of the embryo material.
The steamed corn germ slices are pressed by the screw press, and the pressed oil is transported to the oil tank through the oil residue conveyor, and then filtered by the filter, and then transported to the crude oil tank for storage. The oil tank is equipped with a slag extractor, which can realize the re pressing of the oil residue, and the pressed cake is transported to the cake warehouse for leaching or storage.
Complete sets of equipment for refining corn germ oil
Crude corn oil is a kind of Deep Red Amber vegetable oil obtained by pressing or leaching from corn germ. Crude corn oil contains phospholipids, sterols, tocopherols and other unsaponifiable substances, fatty acids, waxes, and special smell. Crude corn oil has high impurity content, turbidity at low temperature, and can not be used directly. After refining, it can get low cloud point, high viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity, low viscosity Low melting point and stable storage, meet the national standard of corn refined oil
Zhongtian Jingu's complete set of corn oil refining equipment is specially designed according to the characteristics of corn oil, and the technology of processing rice bran oil, cottonseed oil, animal oil and other difficult to process special oil is applied to corn oil, which has achieved very good results.
Process flow: crude oil → degumming → decolorization → filtration → deoxidization → heat exchange → heating → deacidification and deodorization → heat exchange → cooling → crystallization → crystal cultivation → filtration → product oil
Process Description: after the crude oil is preheated, light alkali is added to make the gum impurities and some free fatty acids in the oil form soap feet, and then the soap feet are separated. Then hot brine is added to the oil for washing, and the soap washing water is separated. After one or two times of the same washing, the degumming is completed. The degummed oil enters into the decolorization process, and the activated clay is added to decolorize in the decolorization tower, and then pumped into the blade filter for filtration. The filtrate is polished and then enters the next process. After the blade filter is dried, the waste clay is discharged through vibration. The decolorizing oil is pumped into the gas separator for vacuum deaeration, and then the oil is pumped in; The oil heat exchanger and the deodorized oil are preheated by heat exchange, and then heated to about 250 ℃ by the heater, and then enter the combined deacidification and deodorization tower to carry out deacidification and deodorization under high vacuum, so as to remove the fatty acid, odor and other volatile substances in the oil to the maximum extent. The mixed vapor of fatty acid is discharged from the top of the tower, and then enters the fatty acid capture system for capture and sale. The oil is pumped from the bottom into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with the deodorized oil, and then cooled to obtain deodorized oil. The deodorized oil is cooled and crystallized in the crystallizing tank, and then transferred to the crystallization stage. The crystallized and crystallized oil is pumped into a filter to separate wax and grease to obtain the product oil.
Main equipment: centrifuge (or refining pot), decolorizing tower, vane filter, bag filter, combined deacidification and deodorization tower, spiral plate heat exchanger, crystallizer, dewaxing filter, etc.
Process features: adopting physical refining technology, equipped with advanced combined deacidification and deodorization tower, with high degree of automation, low production cost and small loss, the dewaxing and degreasing process is designed, and the product oil quality can reach the national first-class standard.

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