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More than 90% oil can be obtained by one press

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From "Shenjiu ascends to heaven" to "Jiaolong enters the sea", and then to the recent "Alpine high-speed railway", these scientific and technological achievements with Chinese characteristics are exciting to show the rise of "created in China". What's more, at the 2012 National Science and technology progress award commendation meeting at the beginning of the new year, A large number of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation also add brilliance to the rising "created in China" with their unique scientific and technological innovation strength.
The idea of "invigorating enterprises through science and technology" has gradually become the source of the strength of enterprise progress. Just in the past, at the grand ceremony of national science and technology circles, many independent innovation enterprises are particularly brilliant, and they are closely related to the common people. The native national brand Luhua is an example. With its idea of "invigorating enterprises through science and technology", Luhua group has gradually become a leader in the edible oil industry, And its unique advanced oil production process through technological innovation“ 5S pressing technology "achieved a beautiful" dragon's gate leap "in the history of edible oil industry technology development, successfully won the first" National Science and Technology Progress Award "representing the highest level of national science and technology in the history of edible oil industry, rewriting the history of edible oil industry technology.
For a long time, China's edible oil industry has been shouldering the major mission of continuously meeting the growing consumer demand of the people. At the recent 18th people's Congress of the CPC, it also proposed to implement the innovation driven development strategy, and put scientific and technological innovation at the core of the overall national development. China is a country with a large population. China's oil dependence on foreign imports has gradually deepened, which has exceeded the national strategic security warning line. Only by condensing the wisdom and strength of the whole society into innovation and development, and realizing "created in China", can China really become a powerful country.
In this atmosphere, technological innovation can bring real progress. In order to improve the self-sufficiency rate of domestic edible oil, the enterprise redesigned the structure of the oil press and realized the oil yield of more than 90% at one time, which greatly improved the oil yield and reduced the energy consumption; In terms of safety, the aflatoxin removal technology has reached the international leading level, making the oil products safer and more secure; In the technology of producing fragrance and retaining fragrance, the natural fragrance of raw materials should be fully retained, and the consumption should be reduced. Only 1 / 2 of the usual consumption can achieve the effect of delicious food with complete color, fragrance and flavor. At the same time, it advocates "eat less oil, eat good oil" to reduce the consumption of edible oil. With the continuous breakthrough and promotion of new technologies, the local edible oil industry has become more pillar and leading role.
More than ten years ago, due to technical differences, we consumed "native oil" and "foreign oil". In the era of economic globalization, new scientific and technological revolution and industrial restructuring, national edible oil enterprises are rising. China's edible oil industry can provide peanut oil, sunflower kernel oil and other high-grade edible oil products not only for China but also for the world. Today, when the State encourages innovation and "created in China" rises step by step, scientific and technological innovation has undoubtedly created a new milestone for the development of China's edible oil industry.

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