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Four development trends of edible oil industry

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After years of development, today's edible oil industry has entered the "Red Sea" from the "blue sea", and it is difficult to have a development prospect for the indiscriminate "street goods". Similar to soybean oil, rapeseed oil and other common goods, the squeezing and refining technology of each enterprise are almost the same, and the products and marketing promotion are also similar; The fierce competition in the industry and the rising oil prices make the profits of the edible oil industry continue to decline. It is almost impossible for edible oil enterprises to fight a price war.
In the face of fierce industry competition, edible oil enterprises have to open up the industrial chain and get through all the links of oil planting, trade and processing, so as to maximize the profit margin of enterprises. The pioneer on this road, such as Shandong Longda Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd., has its own 10000 mu oil Planting Industrial Park, which comprehensively opens up the links of oil planting, trade, processing and monitoring. The perfect industrial layout not only makes Longda achieve good results in enterprise benefits, but also promotes its product sales and consumer reputation to rise continuously.
Chronic diseases attract consumers to pay attention to oil and health
According to the "China chronic disease prevention and control plan (2012-2015)" issued by the Ministry of health in 2012, there are more than 200 million hypertensive patients and 120 million obese patients in China. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the intake of oil and salt is too high. The Chinese society of nutrition recommends a daily oil intake of 25g per person, while the survey found that the daily oil intake of 44g per person in China is close to twice the recommended standard of the Chinese society of nutrition.
More and more consumers begin to pay attention to the problem of excessive edible oil. The concept of eating less oil is no longer just a slogan. Reflected in the sales of edible oil, the sales of olive oil, which is healthier than ordinary edible oil, and the new generation of peanut oil, which saves 50% oil, increased rapidly in 2012.
New ideas of edible oil safety
The data shows that the self-sufficiency rate of edible oil in China is only 38.1%. On the one hand, Chinese consumers consume too much edible oil; On the other hand, the domestic oil supply is insufficient. The safety of edible oil can not be guaranteed by simply relying on imports, and the expansion of oil planting is inconsistent with the current national development. Therefore, to solve the problem of edible oil safety, we must take multiple measures. On the one hand, we should rely on technological innovation to improve the oil yield, on the other hand, we should continue to develop new oil crops. At the same time, we should also pay attention to reducing expenditure, and gradually change the status quo of excessive intake of edible oil by the public.
In 2012, two scientific research achievements in edible oil attracted the attention of the industry. One is the newly developed rice oil, which is the edible oil pressed from rice bran, the highest yield rice in China; The second is to carry out technological innovation on the basis of the traditional pressing process. Longda new generation peanut oil, which retains the lecithin in peanut, has more oil-saving effect. These two scientific research achievements have been highly praised by many experts and scholars, and have been awarded the honor of "supervised by China Grain and oil society".
2013 is a year of opportunities and challenges. Only by seeing the development trend of the industry clearly, adjusting the production and operation ideas of the enterprise in time, and being brave in technological innovation, can the enterprise be invincible.

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