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Full automatic oil press is with the help of external mechanical force

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Full automatic oil press is a machine that squeezes oil from oil with the help of external mechanical force. Due to improper operation, the full-automatic oil press is blocked, so what causes the full-automatic oil press to be blocked?
One side of the screen cloth; If the screen surface is not horizontal horizontally, adjust the length of the left and right suspenders to make them equal; If the screen body swings, the eccentric axle can be adjusted to make it perpendicular to the frame. If the oil on the stone removal screen surface goes on one side, the frame can be adjusted to make it horizontal. If the air flow is uneven, the air regulating plate of the bellows can be adjusted to make the air flow blow evenly to the screen surface. If the screen cleaning rate is low, replace a new brush or adjust the brush length, and adjust the tilt angle of the flat screen at the same time.
Belt oiling without material extraction; The main reason is that there is too much oil accumulated at the lower part of the conveyor of the bucket elevator, resulting in blockage. Open the plate door at the lower part of the conveyor to remove the accumulated oil.
The elimination method is that if there is oil between rolls during startup, loosen the roll adjustment bolt and remove the oil between rolls. If the feeding amount is too large and the speed is too fast, close the insert plate at the blanking opening. If the thickness of rolled blank is uneven, readjust the roll gap and tighten the loose nut.
The full-automatic oil press uses vacuum filtration and automatic temperature control function. The product oil is of good quality. It tastes delicious and has a high oil yield. Now it is mainly used for processing in rural areas. Or it is used for on-site processing in urban areas, which makes the production more transparent and reassures customers. It is of great benefit to the development of business. Many regions are now operating according to this model, with considerable profits. Almost all oil crops can be pressed by small oil presses. Including peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, etc.
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