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Causes and solutions of bearing damage of screw oil press

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During the use of the screw press, it has been very difficult to install the screw press, and the service life of the bearing has been greatly reduced, so the bearing needs to be replaced frequently. In the use after maintenance, even if the gap between the press screw and the cake ring is appropriately increased to reduce the pressure in the press chamber, the bearing damage is inevitable. In view of this problem, this paper analyzes its causes and seeks solutions to the problem.
1. Bearing damage caused by improper operation
Improper operation during oil pressing is one of the important reasons for bearing damage. The correct operation methods and precautions are as follows:
① Feed slowly when pressing. When oil is squeezed out, slowly adjust and narrow the cake gap to appropriately reduce the cake thickness. When the machine body is hot, the feeding amount can be gradually increased. When the surface of the machine body is very hot, it can work normally. It is necessary to prevent large amount of feeding and sudden increase of load when pressing.
② After the cake discharge clearance is adjusted, the lock nut shall be tightened to prevent the change of cake discharge thickness caused by loose pressing screw.
③ When feeding, prevent stones or metals from mixing into the oil and entering the press chamber, so as to avoid damaging the machine body and causing personal accidents.
④ During the pressing process, the cake thickness should vary according to the type of oil and the water content of oil. Generally, when pressing peanuts and soybeans, the cake clearance is within the range of 0.3-1.0mm. Do not blindly reduce the cake clearance and increase the bearing load in order to improve the oil yield.
2. Bearing damage caused by improper adjustment
The screw oil press is composed of transmission parts, adjusting parts, pressing parts, frame, feed hopper and other parts. During maintenance, if the position of the adjusting nut is inadvertently changed, the positioning of the combined frame will be changed, resulting in the non concentricity of the bearings at both ends of the press screw, which not only makes it difficult to install, but also increases the load of the bearings at both ends of the press screw, so as to accelerate the damage of the bearings. During maintenance, users must carefully and repeatedly debug and restore the accurate positioning of the combined frame of the screw oil press. Only in this way can the problem of frequent bearing damage be solved. The above contents introduced by the screw oil press manufacturer hope to bring help to you.

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