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How to maintain the screw press

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1. When the pressing capacity is reduced or the cake and oil output are abnormal, the screw shaft shall be extracted. At the same time, the wear of the screw and cake ring shall be checked, and the worn parts shall be replaced in time.
2. The new screw oil press shall be installed indoors to avoid rust and edible oil pollution caused by outdoor wind and rain.
3. The parts to be lubricated shall be protected from dust and other impurities. The oil quality of the reduction gearbox shall be checked every year. If the oil is found to have deteriorated, all the oil shall be replaced.
4. When parking for a long time, the machine shall be cleaned, oiled and covered with protective cover.
5. After 50 hours of continuous operation each time, check the lubrication of the machine, and pay special attention to the oil cup on the reduction gearbox. Screw bearings should be adjusted to fill butter once per shift, and dry grinding should be avoided.
The above five points are the maintenance methods of the new domestic hydraulic oil press shared by Xiaobian. I hope they can help you!

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